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Vacation Apartment Rental in Maine

Big City Technology in a Maine Village


The Boardroom has everything you need for an on-site meeting or conference, or, a virtual meeting with your business associates who are stuck somewhere else (pity them!).   


We can run successful Video Conferences with many standard services. Our high speed, fiber optic connection, made possible by our downtown location, avoids poor quality at more remote sites.  Our big screen and wide cameras can handle 8 on site and limitless on screen.  


Presentations can be displayed via Power Point or Keynote. 


We have access to several court reporters and videographers and can record multi-participant meetings with in-house technology.   


A flexible pricing schedule always includes on site technical support at no additional charge, critical to protect your valuable time when you hire any of our technology.  Air Conditioned (quiet). Parking is available. 


Please write us with any questions that will help make your meeting a success.  

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