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Coronavirus &  Your Safety

We take Covid 19 and the Coronavirus very seriously & trust and respect our medical providers.   

We adapt to new requirements and medical information based upon science and public policy, not social media.


The Building:


1. Each unit is isolated from the others with heating and cooling that does not circulate between apartments. 

2. Bathrooms and living space are not shared between apartments - with the exception of the extra bath in the entry hall which we have asked that guests refrain from using since we use that ourselves.

3. Hall and first floor stair are common but do not require touching anything but the entry door and your private apartment door.

4. Private balcony's allow outdoor interaction with town with complete social distancing.


Our Behavior & Cleaning:


1. We perform a thorough cleaning ourselves after a guest departs and are fully vaccinated (Pfizer).  We generally do not allow check-in's the same day as prior guests depart.

2. We wash all textiles in hot water except the colored towels - which we wash in fragrance-free soaps, and rotate towels and bedding so that yours were not used AFTER cleaning within 72 hours.   All pillow cases have hypoallergenic covers which are washed each time guests depart in hot ("Sani" setting) water.  

3.   All surfaces are sanitized with anti-bacterial cleaners (won't help the virus but will help anything else!) and detergents soaps that break down any virus. Again, we do this while wearing disposable gloves which we discard after use.

Your behavior:

1. In accordance with Maine rules we do not require masks for vaccinated guests in the common hallways, and we do not wear them ourselves.   We do expect our guests (and visitors) to be honest about their vaccine choices and if they are not vaccinated to wear a mask in the common hallways. 

2. In your private apartments guests and their daytime guests may follow their own guidelines.  No one but the contracted 1 or 2 guests may stay overnight. ​

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