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160 years old and still current today...

There is no better place than our coastal Maine village to unwind from your busy life. 


People have been coming here to work since the 1600's and to vacation since the 1800's.  Our 1860's building at 29 Mckown Street ("29") was built for a successful milliner who wanted a shop with living space above - a typical arrangement for shopkeepers until the 1960's.   Those owners built 29 on the lawn of the town's library a few hundred feet up the road from where it is today.

Around 1900 the town reconfigured some streets with the help of a rich benefactor, Dr. Todd (who built Rockefeller Center in New York City).  He donated money to create a direct route through the town to Southport.  We know that road today as "Route 27/Todd Avenue."   At the same time, the owners of 29 agreed to move the building to the corner of that new road and Mckown Street in what was a field.

Since moving, 29 continued to operated briefly as a milliner until the decimation of the bird (feather) population, and changing fashion, forced its demise.  The town then purchased 29 and operated it as the Town Hall and Police Station with a welcome center on the first floor.   During that time there was even a jail cell in the basement and local lore has it that the town drunk would be locked up in the afternoon, escape to a bar in the evening, and then break back into his cozy cell for an overnight stay.  

In the 1980's, when Boothbay Harbor built its New Town Hall, Police & Fire Station across the street, 29 was sold to the Spruce Point Inn which used it for in-town offices and penthouse apartments.  Today under our ownership those apartments remain to welcome vacationers, while the Boardroom on the first floor has hosted many events including fund raisers for the local Animal Shelter. 

While the building interior has been updated with an eye for both comfort and modern conveniences it retains its classic details respecting its rich past.  Most of the furniture and decorations are antiques collected at local auctions.  All are designed to be used, even to this day.   

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